The craft is in our heart.

This is the place where true steaks are grilled, craft beer is poured and a strong
coffee is brewed. But we are also a vibrant forum for the like-minded. Friendships are
born here.

‘Craftova’ is a guiding style towards heartfelt passionate craft.
‘Craftova’ that is us. Not just anybody. We – You and Me– go with and against the
wind. We are ‘Craftova’ it means honesty. It means a return to simplicity. The power
of always-searching curiosity and optimism finding joy in those little steps to be
leaders in our craft.

Please enjoy our company at Craftova

We are:
Sincere – with our soul on the plate.
Vibrant – here our craftspersons love to talk; sometimes long, sometimes to the point
‘espresso style’