We are recognisable from all professions; our team are farmers, lawyers, doctors,
businessmen, plumbers… Our penchant for craftsmanship is the characteristic thread
defining us to our friends, co-workers, our close ones and to ourselves. ‘Crafova’
that’s us! Not just anybody.

Let’s eat together!
We have every mood covered with our menu even down to just a snack to best
complement your quality time with friends – enjoy the simple crunchy tastes of a
garden fresh salad or any accompaniment from daily fresh bread (house-made),
dried tomatoes, chopped beef or our house-made chips

Our space has a Main Hall as bustling and passionate as our own kitchen
atmosphere with 12 ready taps of craft beer to enjoy awe-inspiring views of the
Wrocław Historic Town Hall. For a more comfortable and quiet eating experience our
smallest hall at the basement level actually has its own secrets. An accidental
discovery during our renovations we display the tunnel where near five centuries ago
barrels of beer were transported from our current location to the ‘Piwnica Swidnicka’
across the road. The right place to hide away! Also at the basement level at the
larger hall near the stairs round table is positioned perfectly for vibrant disputes.